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Are Hydrating Mists The Secret To Glowing Skin


Are Hydrating Mists The Secret To Great Skin

How to use hydrating mist is a question I’m often asked. I love using this spray because it helps reduce the signs of aging because of its antioxidants. It also shrinks the appearance of pores.    

Hydrating mists are great for all skin types, even oily skin, because they don’t clog pores like heavy duty moisturizers do. It helps maintain skin moisture by creating a protective barrier. In our formula, they also contain some active ingredients that enhance skin's own natural hydrating abilities and add extra hydrating benefits

Why use a hydrating mist 

There are many reasons why you should use hydrating mist. Our hydrating mist can help reduce the signs of aging while also keeping your skin looking refreshed and healthy.  It is great for moisturizing, toning, and refreshing the skin. It helps rejuvenate tired skin and give it a healthy glow. It also increases penetration of skincare ingredients. 

And lastly, to set your makeup or to use it during the day in the place of a facial spray.   Hydrating mists are a great addition to your daily skin care routine. By adding hydration and sealing in moisture, they will help reduce redness and flakiness. They can be easily added after cleansing and toning, as a part of your regular moisturizing routine, before/after makeup application, or just whenever your skin feels dry.

Beneficial ingredients

Let me explain this all out in details, a good mist must hydrates the skin while exfoliating , removing dead skin cells and unclog your pores. To effectively do that it needs to have ingredients that will penetrate deep into your skin like Niacinamide which is a really good ingredient for hydration.  

 Niacinimide : is a skin smoothing agent. it can reduce fine lines and pigmentation spots to make the skin look more even and youthful also reduces skin blemishes and congestion. It helps improve skin condition with deep hydration, exfoliation and pore unclogging. Glycerin prevents moisture loss and keeps skin soft. Vitamin C and fruit extracts provide instant brightening effect for a brighter skin tone. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)) ingredients assist in cell turnover and help smoothing the skin's texture.      

Our mist is a great product for oily  and sensitive skin  types to keep your skin hydrated while cleansing, exfoliating and setting the stage for the next products. You can think of it as a toner, but with more technology involved as well. It doesn't get rid of acne, but it does help prevent the clogged pores that lead to acne.

Best ingredients This hydrating mist contains a nourishing complex of niacinamide, glycolic acid, vitamin B5 and vitamin A along with beneficial fruit extracts which increases moisture retention. Glycolic Acid exfoliates and smoothes skin's texture. Vitamin B5 encourages the production of key structural components

Our mists main ingredients such as glycerin, can help smooth the skin and "fill" wrinkles.  Glycolic acid in particular helps make skin cells smoother and more uniform, and it stimulates collagen production A good skin hydration mist contains glycerin, aloe vera, niacinimide, vitamin c and fruit extracts, which are essential for adding water back to the oily skin. A hydrating mist can be used for different purposes, such as setting make up, cooling the face in summertime. It is a staple product in your skincare routine as it does so much for your skin and brings back its glow and youth! 


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