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Double Cleansing- Everything You Need To Know About It


Double Cleansing 

Long gone are the days when just the water and the soap would do the work for your face. In the past, women only have these two things to rely on. However, as the times have changed, the skincare and beauty industry have greatly developed, not only introducing a variety of new and numerous skincare products but also adding a new term into the personal face care called skincare routine. Over the years, the meaning and the perception of the skincare routine and the products used for it have changed greatly. Today, the skincare routine is consisted of both day and night approaches, with different steps within each, as well as products. Lately, a special accent and focus are put on the night skincare routine and the process of double cleansing as part of it.  For those who are unfamiliar with this skincare routine, here is everything you need to know about double-cleansing. 

What is double cleansing

As the name suggests, double cleansing means cleaning your face twice. This is a method that is done in two steps. First, the face is being cleaned with an oil-based cleanser and the second time that is done with a water-based cleanser. The idea of double cleansing is to remove the stubborn dirt that clogs the pores and causes acne. This type of dirt can remain on the face for a long time, and that is where the double cleansing help. The biggest benefit of the double cleansing process comes from the thing that it breaks down the makeup, removes the dirt and all excess oil that has piled up during the day, and at the same time, cleans your skin. The second cleanser is an important part of the routine because it addresses the skin types and holds different types of ingredients that can hydrate, smooth, exfoliate the skin, or treat and prevent the appearance of acne. Doing both the steps together, one after the other ensures that any further skincare process and care is not done in vain and that it will be effective and efficient. 

Why it is important to double cleanse according to your skin type

Although the name might suggest that this is a two-step technique and double-cleansing might add few more minutes to your routine, it is a very needed and suggested approach for all those looking to care and have beautiful skin. Just like all other techniques and approaches that are different for different skin types, the double cleansing is also different for every skin type, and with that being said, you will need an appropriate double-cleansing duo that will work for your skin. That way, you will make the most out of your skincare routine.  Using suitable double-cleansing products according to the skin type will allow you to avoid over-washing and with that over-drying your skin. The skin is full and rich in natural oils, that if we strip the most out of them, the body can respond by producing even more oil, which eventually leads to breakouts and irritation.  That is why double cleansing is a suggested and needed skincare routine that is best to be performed at night and become a part of the night skincare routine. It will be more productive and valuable because during the night, before going to bed, the face really is dirty, full of different residue and makeup. The double cleansing will clear it deeply, and let the skin and the products applied for work through the night. 

What are the benefits of double cleansing

As mentioned above, the double cleansing is not only about cleansing. It has lots of different benefits to the skin. The first thing is when you wear foundation, the double cleansing is what makes the skin more clean and clear, and it cleans better than the regular wash or products you use. The technique cleans so thoroughly and deeply, leaving a clean and healthy base for the products that are applied later to penetrate deeper and have better effects. Furthermore, clean skin is a predefinition for a healthy and glowing look, prevention of anti-aging, appearance of acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. Overall, the double cleansing is something that should be regularly incorporated into your night skincare routine and done daily, no matter if you have worn makeup that day or not. 

Meet the Precleanse Cleansing Oil and Gentle Cleanse Duo

As mentioned above, finding the right products that will get the work done is the best thing that you can do for your skin. This is the duo that does exactly that. They are pretty easy to use, and above all the mixture of ingredients makes them highly effective and suitable for the skin.

The Precleanse Cleansing oil: is the first step into your new night skincare routine. The precleansing oil comes as a mix of grape seed and pumpkin oils that are soft and caring for the skin. The oil melts ways the dirt and any residue from the makeup. It is very soft so that you do not even need to rub it. The best thing is that it will not affect the balance of the natural oils of the skin. 

The gentle cleanser comes right after the precleansing oil. It is the second step of the night double-cleansing skincare routine. The cleanser is a facial foam that is very gentle and healing to the skin, enriched with Aloe Vera and coconut oil. The nourishing and calming effects of the ingredient work wonderfully on the skin, making it look fresh and healthy. 

This exquisite duo is just the right cocktail that you need to take the look of your skin on an entirely new level. The results of regular practicing of the night double-cleansing skincare routine will deliver instant results, furthermore, in the long-run, the skin will become rejuvenated, radiant and glowing. 


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