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Glamorous Facial Cupping Routine To Relax Your Face

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The secret to glowing, healthy skin is all in the circulation. A good facial cupping routine can improve the circulation of blood to the face and stimulate your lymphatic system, while lifting and toning your muscles. Today we're going through the steps on how to get started with Facial Cupping, as well as different techniques that are going to dramatically change your skin.

The beauty of Facial Cupping is that it is safe and requires minimal time and resources – our healthiest, most glowing skin really is achievable through regular treatments, facial massage and cupping. A good Facial Cupping routine relaxes the muscles in your face, as well as lifting and toning, improving blood circulation, boosting collagen production and stimulating your lymphatic system. Much in the same way your skin glows after a good workout, Facial Cupping works on the simple principle of improving blood circulation.

You can use this method on your neck if you want to reduce puffiness or if your neck looks saggy. The most common treatment area is the  face if you have puffiness or dark circles under your eyes. Just like with any other face massage, start from the top of your forehead down to your chin, moving in circular motions and pressing gently against the muscles.

How to Perform Facial Cupping At Home

To begin, apply our Moon Oil to clean skin and choose the size of the facial cup depending on what area you will be working on. The smaller cup is for the brows and under-eye while the big one is for the rest of the face and neck.
Now gently place the facial cup over your skin and apple pressure . This helps to lift, tighten, and tone your skin as well as reduce puffiness around your eyes.
Next, place two fingers under each eye and gently press down for about 30 seconds. This will help to stimulate blood flow in this area which can reduce dark circles under your eyes after just a few times doing it!
Now move onto your cheeks by placing one hand behind them so that they are being lifted up slightly while you cup over them with another hand from above with fingertips facing downwards - again making sure not to press too hard but just enough pressure so that you can see some indentations forming where there is more swollen tissue present underneath (usually about 3 spots per cheek).
Finally we end off by placing one palm flat against forehead with fingers pointing upwards towards hairline while gently pressing down into temples using other palm

Facial Cupping and Our Lymphatic Drainage system


The lymphatic system is responsible for removing any toxins from your body. Facial Cupping helps to stimulate it through opening up the nodes lower down the neck and collarbone. It will help to drain any excess fluid or toxins from your tissues. As a result, it will decrease any puffiness you have on your face.

Why Lymphatic Drainage is Important:
Lymph is a clear fluid that moves through your body's lymph vessels, carrying white blood cells and platelets to fight infection and disease, as well as other immune system components such as antibodies and antigen-presenting cells (APCs). The lymphatic system transports this fluid throughout your body and returns it back into your bloodstream. However, when there are blockages in these vessels or poor circulation, the fluid builds up causing swelling (edema). This can cause pressure on surrounding structures like nerves or blood vessels which may cause pain or numbness. The good news is that facial cupping can help prevent this from happening by improving lymphatic drainage and circulation in the face!

women getting facial cupping done

What causes puffiness?

It can be caused by an allergic reaction or by holding in a sneeze. It can also be caused by stress, which can cause headaches and puffiness around the eyes that can last for hours or days at a time. When you get excited about something, adrenaline rushes into your bloodstream and raises your heart rate and blood pressure. Your body releases histamine to dilate blood vessels so more blood can flow through them quickly.

Another cause of puffiness is water retention caused by high sodium intake or stress hormones released during periods of anxiety or depression.
Other causes include: dehydration; poor circulation; lack of sleep; hormonal changes brought on by puberty or menopause (such as those experienced during perimenopause); certain medications such as birth control pills or steroids; poor diet choices such as eating too much salty foods (such as chips, fries etc) If the lymph nodes become congested it can manifest as dull, puffy, sluggish or dry skin but also as acne or clogged pores. 

How Often Should I Do Facial Cupping

It is recommended to do morning or nightly depending on your skin concerns. Take 3-5 minutes and really focus on working your face and neck so that way you will get long term results and have a glowing and youthful skin! 

At our studio Lymphatic drainage is incorporated into our Oxygeneo treatment! 


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