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Natural Skin Peeling With zena algae peel Our Latest Treatment in Clinic

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Zena Algae peel is our newest treatment at Moonskyn. it is 100% natural from freshwater lakes in Ukraine. A mechanical and chemical peel it's a perfect choice for those concerned with skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, acne and scars. the Zena Algae peel can give you a full epidermal peeling. the peel is done on any part of your body including face, back, thighs and under-arm.  

It helps to reduce fine lines, dullness, and pigmentation while also improving overall tone and texture. The algae peel contains no harsh chemicals, so it is safe for all skin types!


Algae Peel is not only effective at treating hyper-pigmentation, melasma and age/sun spots—it also tightens pores, smooths skin and reduces acne and sebum production. It boosts cell renewal and increases skin radiance, reducing dark circles, wrinkles and sagging skin. Algae Peel also reduces stretch marks and scar appearances for a more youthful appearance.

With Zena Algae Peel, you'll experience:
- Reduced acne breakouts
- Smoother skin texture
- Improved clarity of tone
- Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Enhanced elasticity

- Reduction and elimination of hyper-pigmentation, melasma and age/sun spots

Tightens pores and smooth skin

Reduces acne and fights sebum

Increased cell renewal

Boosts skin radiance

Reduces dark circles, wrinkles and sagging skin

Reduces stretch marks and scar appearances

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This peel works by removing dead skin cells from your face or body, leaving you with glowing, radiant skin. It works by removing dead skin cells from your face or body, leaving you with glowing, radiant skin.

 The removal process takes place at a cellular level and does not cause any damage to existing cells in your skin layer. Because of this, Zena Algae Peel can be used on most parts of the body including your hands, arms, knees and elbows without fear of damaging them in any way! It is also safe enough to use on sensitive areas like underarms or bikini line without causing irritation or discomfort during the application process!

Zena Algae Peel will leave behind new skin cells underneath those old ones which were once blocking out moisture from reaching inner layers below them; allowing more nutrients into deeper layers where they belong! Your face will feel refreshed after the peeling is done 

Algae peel treatment area

The algae peel can treat the following areas: 

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Back

  • Armpits

  • Glutes

  • Stomach

  • Chest

  • Inner Thigh

  • Hands

What to expect during Algae peel Treatment

The treatment will begin with a cleansing of your skin, followed by the application of a toner to prepare your skin for the peel.

Next comes the fun part: The tiny spicules will begin to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and improve your skin cells. This part of the treatment is not painful however there will be the sensations of prickling, heat increase and reddening. This is very normal and part of the treatment process. Immediately post treatment, the area may feel quite sensitive to touch, however this will subside.

It is important to note over the first few days post treatment, you may also experience some mild redness, dryness and sensitivity on the treated area.

Post Zena Algae peel

Algae peel will cause your skin to peel. 

In most cases, the peeling of the treated area will begin after 72 hours. The peeling can last until the 7th day depending on the individual and the aftercare regime. The usual peel time is 3-5 days. 

DO NOT pick, scratch or pull at the flaking skin as this may lead to scarring and further damage to the skin. This will naturally peel as you complete a cleanse.

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