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How Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir Can Change your Skin

If you are in the search for a top notch skin serum to revive your skin, Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir might be the perfect product for you. As one of the most powerful antioxidants known for skin health, this medical grade serum targets the appearance ageing, restores a more radiant and youthful looking skin. As effective and powerful as it is, Skin Restoring Fulvic elixir is a medical grade and result oriented solution for all skincare challenges.

Key Ingredients?

Fulvic Acid: Powerful antioxidant that absorbs deeply into theskin to assist in the transportation of nutrients to tissues and skincells.

Agastache Mexicana Flower: Anti-inflammatory that blocks theeffects of stress on the skin while reducing redness and irritationand evening the overall skin tone.

Calendula: Cleansing and astringent properties that soothes,calms, and heals the skin.Aloe Vera: Natural astringent, aids in healing and is very soothingand protective to the skin.

Grapefruit Peel: Antiseptic and anti-irritant

Orange Peel: Helps detoxify skin and soothes dry, irritated skinand discourages the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Restoring fulvic Elixir 

Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir is a critical nutrient and one of the most powerful antioxidants known for skin health. 

This powerful healing serum contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is easily absorbed into the skin, targeting the most challenging conditions such as aging skin, allergies, irritations and acne while stimulating healing to restore a younger looking, more radiant skin. 

This product is a must in-treatment and in every clients regimen.

Benefits: Increases Hydration | Reduces Redness | Balances | Heals | Repairs | Reduces Inflammation

Recommended For: All skin types and conditions, particularly for inflammation, acne, irritation, redness, sensitive skin,acne, compromised and post-procedure.

Concerns: Acne | Aging | Rosacea | Dryness | Post-Procedural

This serum is perfect to use after the gym or any activity. It is anti fungal, Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory

How often should it be applied?

Apply after cleansing, Safe to use daily morning and night

Anytime your skin is in need of hydration

Why You Need It

As we age, our skin cells are often exposed to everyday toxins. Environmental aggressors like chemical exposure, smoking and ultraviolet light destroy the health of our skin each day. Some men and women notice a decline in the quality of their skin often noticed as redness, enlarged pores, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and prolonged healing times when injured. Skin Restoring Fulvic elixir restores and protects  that youthful glow.

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