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Changing your cleanser during Winter

During Winter time it is so important to swap your skincare and opt for hydration and moisturizers. Montreal's grey Winter weather makes skin go dry and dehydrated and that is one of the last things you want added to your list of "why I hate Winter"

One of the best swaps you can make is opting for a cream cleansers and layering up from there. They have a  creamy texture and contain moisturizing ingredients like botanical oils. They gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Cream cleansers can also come in the form of or are known as “milk” or “lotion.” they are the best for keeping your skin clean by effectively and gently cleansing away dirt and debris.

Our Green Tea cleanser, is formulated to be both gentler and more hydrating than other kinds of face wash, like foams and gels. perfect for harsh winter weather where your skin in dry and dehydrated.

The cleanser has a creamy texture, which produces only a mild lather (or no lather at all). Not only does it cleanse the skin without throwing off its pH or stripping its protective barrier, but they also deposit moisturizing ingredients.

Our Green Tea cleanser is free of: 

  • Silicone-free: Silicones can leave behind a film on your skin surface, which can trap debris and congest your pores. 
  • Mineral oil-free: Petroleum derivatives can also coat you skin in an occlusive barrier and doesn’t allow it to breathe.
  • Hydrators: Rather than silicones and mineral oil, look for skin-friendly emollients and humectants such as glycerin, coconut oil, aloe Vera 


It cleans with natural surfactants in a base of glycerin and aloe while  green tea, cucumber, and chamomile soothes and hydrates skin. 
coconut oil and sugar beet extract is the surfactant which lathers up the cleanser  
So you'll find a coconut-based surfactant in here, along with coconut oil, fatty acids, glycerin, plant extracts (chamomile & green tea) 


Our cleanser is a must have skincare staple for dry skin as the milky texture with the natural ingredients moisturizes thoroughly while the surfactants cleanse and maintain your skins PH balance. 

 For a more thorough cleanse it is best paired with our silicone cleansing pad.




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