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The Best Hydrating Toner For You!

Benefits and Why You Should Use It

I believe in keeping your skin care routine simple yet effective. However, having staples are very important to get your skin glowing no matter what season it is!

In your bathroom cabinet always keep a proper cleanser suited to your skin type and weather, a toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, face oil, and face mask (2-3 times a week to give your skin a boost)

A toner can help your skin brighten up, tighten, and minimize the appearance of pores. It also cleans out whatever your cleanser didn’t. 


Why it’s important to use one

Toners help create smoother looking skin. They help clean dirt, oils and impurities more efficiently than your cleanser. It also leaves your skin protected. 
Its the key to getting refreshed and radiant skin.

Our Rose garden toner has salicylic acid which is found in acne fighting toners although they’re known to be harsh and dry out skin our toner also has glycerin and aloe Vera which moisturizes and rose flower water goes ahead with the refreshed and soothing feel.

Chamomile extract is an antioxidants and anti inflammatory that reduces redness and irritations.
Witch hazel promotes even skin tone and unclog pores.

Then our superstar toner, Coconut Refresher, has, provitamin A,b5, b3,vitamin C, tea tree oil, fruit extracts,  and aloe Vera. 

Aloe vera is known for its soothing effects and boosts hydration.

Tea tree oil helps unclog pores and removes build up from skins surface. Leaves a mattifying finish.   
Vitamin B5, anti inflammatory and helps stimulate your skins healing process. Deeply hydrating by absorbing moisture from the air ! 

Vitamin B3 is niacinimide which is one of my favourite. It prevents water loss and retains skin moisture . Improves surface structure (pores, wrinkles, smooths skin)

vitamin C: gives skin tighter and younger look. Brightens dark spots and dull skin very effective in evening your skin tone. 

Fruit extracts are powerful in anti aging and rejuvenating products. It contains natural AHA that revitalizes your skin by dissolving dead skin cells from skin surface while retaining moisture. 

Our toners are amazing because it can be sprayed on clean skin or over makeup. It won’t strip your skin and dry it out it does the opposite! 
It refreshes your skin, smooths and soothes, removes oil and makeup, retains moisture, brightens and makes a significant difference on your skin and how it feels!



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