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10 ways to keep your hydrated during winter

If you think dull, dry skin is just a part of life during the winter, you are wrong. It might not seem like it, but there's many ways to bring back life and hydration to your skin and body during brutal winters.

As you know, it's brutal out there. “As temperatures drop during the colder months, the humidity in the air drops, too and this causes dry skin,” says Rosemarie Ingleton, a New York City-based dermatologist.

Here are some ways for looking and feeling like winter never happened. Here’s how to stay soft and hydrated all winter.


1. Mist your skin at all times!

If you know me then you know that i swear by face mists. I always keep our BeautyBar hydrating mist in my bag and spritz every few hours for hydration.“Ingesting water-rich fruits and vegetables can help with dry skin, as they add hydration to all of your body's cells, but applying a moisturizing face mist is a more direct way to impact your skin. It’ll give instant relief,” says Dr. Ingleton.

Our face mist is packed with fruit extracts, AHA, BHA, witch hazel, provitamin B5, niacinimide, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, tea tree oil. that hydrates and tones your skin at the same time whether it's bare skin or over makeup. this revives, restores tires and dull looking complexions and brightens dull skin.

2. Don't take steaming hot showers

while it does feel amazing to take a nice hot and long shower it is not good for your skin. it dries it out even more and takes out nutrients. After your shower layer up on moisturizing. product penetrates better on damp skin! 

3. Mask more often

A moisturizing mask is very beneficial during winter. 

“Masks are helpful because they are occlusive, meaning they forcefully introduce the hydrating ingredients into the skin,” says Vivian Shi, a dermatologist and assistant professor at the University of Arizona. “A mask is like saran wrap—it prevents things from going out and pushes things in.”

To turn your masking time into a relaxing experience, read a book, burn a candle, watch your favourite show and let the mask do its work! 

4. Humidifier

During winter the air is dry. add a humidifier in your room so that it adds moisture in the air, your skin will thank you in the morning. 

5. Lotion based cleanser 

Hydrating and adding moisture to your skin is your best bet to keep your skin hydrated. Cream based cleansers cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils and balances your skins PH levels. you can read about it more on my previous blog post.

6.  Moisturize all the time 

To prevent dry, itchy, dull skin go for a rich, thick and hydrating formulas that will keep the moisture locked in. And don't forget your SPF! 




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