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Simple Ways To Have A Fantastic Self Care Time With Minimal Spending.

Elevate your "me" time


2020 has been such an emotional roller coaster. Some of us lost our beloved ones, lost our jobs, lived in continuous fear but some finally found the strength to make their dreams come true, evolved themselves, and spent some substantial time. In the end, we’re still alive and finally understood how precious and exciting is our life. It’s now time to leave everything behind and set your New Year's resolutions to upgrade yourself, you deserve it! So we are here with the ultimate 10 tips for self-care in 2021:
              woman sitting down relaxing in front of a window with her feet up looking at the view

     1. Take your time

It’s important to always follow your own timeline. Take your time to study, eat your lunch, watch a movie, go to the beach, and don’t rush things just because “you have to”. Having your own program and goals will make you feel that your life is controlled by you and not by your duties.


     2.  The “30 minutes relax” routine

Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself whether it’s a nice hot bath, reading a book, or just enjoy a glass of wine and you don’t have enough time. If you think about it, you will probably find yourself spending around 30 minutes doing useless activities like scrolling through your phone. Take that time to do what you really feel that you need. You will feel like a different person after!
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  3. The “Pomodoro technique”

If you are studying for school or working from home and you are struggling to concentrate, this method is for you. This method is based on the pattern “25 minutes working and 5 minutes break” and boosts your productivity, creativity, and concentration. It’s by far the best method to study especially during the exam period. You may think that this is not going to work (like me) but if you give it a try you will not regret it! 

      4. Start walking

Don’t go to that 500meters away supermarket by your car, start walking everywhere. Whether you just need a stroll or go to the post office, walking is the best option. Not only does it reduces environmental pollution, but it promotes health, helps with anxiety, and “clears” your mind especially if you have concentration issues.

     5. Choose a day for you

Choose your least busy day and do whatever you miss all the other days. It may be 1(or more) hours of sleep, having a great breakfast, watching that show you always miss, or going out with your friends. Having a day that you can do whatever you want, will make you feel less anxious, more “alive” and productive afterward.

    6. Support small businesses

Some people during the pandemic took the risk to follow their dreams and start a business. Behind every small business, there is a person that will take time to hear your needs and find what’s best for you and not just an impersonal company. By shopping from small businesses, you will experience different and personalized customer support where every detail matter
   white woman with black hair with head band cleansing her face with foaming cleanser

     7. Start double cleansing

Double cleansing is a method for makeup and sunscreen removal. You start by applying to your face a cleansing balm or oil, massaging it, and then rinsing it. After that, you continue with your regular cleanser. This method is the most effective way to get rid of all the makeup, sunscreen, dirt, oil, and impurities on your face. It’s even more effective for oily skin types as it prevents pores clogging and sebum build-up so it saves you from blackheads and breakouts.

     8. Use sunscreen

It’s now time to stop skipping or forgetting your sunscreen every morning. Sunscreen is probably the most essential step of a skincare routine as it not only protects you from premature aging but also from skin cancer. Prevention is always better than treatment and when it comes to skin cancer, that 2 minutes more every morning is worth it. You should apply sunscreen every day, all year long even if you live in the rainiest town and you barely see the sun. There are a lot different suncreen brands that you will find. pick the one which is best suited for your skin and stick to it. There are no excuses this year!
white woman applying lotion to her arm

    9. Start using a body lotion

Body care should be the new trend in 2021. Your body needs special care too and what’s better than a body lotion? Many people might think that this is a very optional step but believe me, it’s not. Moisturising properly your skin will help you get rid of dry and rough spots, prevent razor bumps, and makes your skin glow. Applying your body lotion daily just like a ritual will make you feel relaxed and pampered and that great smell will stay all day.

     10. Take care of your health

I know...this is pretty common but there are a lot of people that take health for granted. Every year you should run some medical tests to ensure that you are healthy. Of course, don’t forget the Pap smear that saves hundreds of lives every year. It’s time to consult your doctor for all your  concerns or conditions(like my chronic hand pain that kills me) that you think are minor.
2021 has just started, don’t waste time. Set your new goals and hopefully, I will elevate my blog posts!


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